Design Frontiers Workshop Series

City Guide of the Future—Experience Prototyping through Storytelling

April 2-25, 2014
4 Tuesday sessions, 2 hours each | 4 Saturday sessions, 6 hours each

Output: Prototyping portfolio artifacts

Prerequisite: none

Do you have a great idea a for a product but you are not sure how to convey it to others in a compeling way? Would you like to improve your storytelling skills while thinking about cities, technology and human experiences? How could the City Guides of the future provide playful, new and improved ways of navigating spaces, offering insights to neighborhoods or cities which are otherwise invisible?

In this workshop students will explore concepts for context aware ‘city guides’, tailored to users’ individual needs, interest and preferences to create personalized multi-sensorial experiences of the city. The focus of this workshop is to acquire skills to effectively communicate and prototype design concepts, using video as a powerful storytelling tool. By applying human-centered design principles, the workshop will equip students to convey ideas in simple, quick and engaging ways to produce tangible, experiential results. The tools they acquire will enable them to convey their concepts to collaborators, investors, possible partners etc.

Instructors: Ana Roji and Rita Parada

Ana Roji is a User Experience Principal designer at Nokia, specialized in design strategy, research, concepting and interaction design. With a background in film and media, she discovered the power of interactive media to shape people’s lives while extending her studies in Canada and the UK. In her work, Ana creates concepts and behavior models for new interfaces and products within the mobile industry. With special interest in how culture and technology trigger new behaviors, Ana pursues new ways to improve daily experiences through subtle changes in everyday interactions.

Rita Parada is a Principle Design Researcher at Nokia’s Advanced Design, specialized in strategic and exploratory design research to identify human need, define tangible design directions and new opportunities. Rita has a background in interaction design with extensive industry experience in all stages of the design process from strategy, design, implementation and evaluation. In her studies in cultural anthropology, she focuses on the intersection of design, culture and technology, as they relate to environments, social trends and communication. She explores issues surrounding identity, representation and interpretation in cross-cultural context.

Registration Guidelines

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Refund Policy

Enrollment is limited, and registration is open until each workshop is full.  Workshops will be cancelled, due to lack of  enrollment, by the week prior to class. Refunds will only be made if a workshop is canceled. No other refunds will be given. Enrolled students can, however, swithch to an alternate class (no refund given for cost difference and students will pay the difference if the course fee is higher).

Course Cancellation Policy

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